Hi! I'm Frank Canace.  I'm a retired police officer and former trial attorney who has found my new purpose as a life and business coach and motivational speaker.

After retiring from the New Haven Police Department in 2015, I finally had the time I needed to reflect upon my life. I realized that in every aspect, I felt incredibly fulfilled. This led me to a larger realization: The main reason why I was so happy with my life was because I had always been successful in accomplishing everything I had ever set my mind to. 

I asked myself, “What is my secret to success?  Why have I always been able to build the life I want to be living, while so many others around me seem to be stuck in a cycle of abandoned goals, negativity, and chronic dissatisfaction?”

I began to research the strategies used by many life and business coaching experts. This led me to two key philosophies: the Law of Attraction and the Power of Positive Thinking.  I realized that I had inadvertently been using my own version of these two philosophies my entire life.

By combining principles from each of these philosophies with my own unique strategies for success, I created my own life and business coaching method, The Thoughts Becoming Things™ Philosophy. This philosophy is the basis for my first book, How to Create the Perfect Life: A Step-by-Step Guide.


 Frank Canace is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Business Coach, and Certified Motivational Speaker